A useful collection of various tools and libraries for anyone to use in their projects.

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BetterLib is a useful collection of utilities for Python developers to use in their projects. It is licensed under the Unlicense, so you can use it in any project, commercial or otherwise, without any restrictions whatsoever. (Yes, that means you can steal any part of it and pass it off as your own. I won’t judge.)


BetterLib is available on PyPI, so you can install it with pip:

pip install betterlib

Keep in mind that since BetterLib is still in development, new versions come out often and may break your pre-existing code.


BetterLib is split into several modules, each of which contains a collection of related utilities. You can import the entire library, or just the modules you need.

# Import the entire library...
import betterlib
# or import just the modules you need.
from betterlib import logging, config, ip...


See docs/ for more information.


See contributing